Vype E Cigarette

Vype E Cigarette

The Vype e-cigarette is a great e-cigarette and we score it 6.5 out of 10.  You can read more by scrolling down the page, but to see our top 10 e-cigs try our homepage, or click on one of the brands below to find out more and buy at the very best exclusive online discounted prices direct from the official sites:

The Vype e cigarette comes from the makers of Lucky Strike, Kent, and Dunhill.  They have taken some of the features and branding and tried to transfer this to their e-cigs.

The packaging is very attractive, and arguably over the top. The lid opens with a quality sounding ‘click’ and the pack highly branded.  A little on the expensive side for a disposable, the Vype e cigarette will need to be good at £7 each.

How good is the Vype E Cigarette?

The Vype e cigarette feels comfortable to hold.  It is light and feels just like holding a real cigarette. Some people want an e-cig that doesn’t appear like a cigarette.  But the look and feel of an e-cig that seems like the real thing really does help the transition away from tobacco.

The Vype e cigarette gives a good hit to the throat but is certainly not overpowering.  The classic flavour of the bold Vype is aimed at the light to medium smoker.

Where can I buy the Vype E Cigarette?

The best place to buy a Vype e cigarette is right here on this site.  Use one of the buttons or links on this page to go straight to the site and get the best prices available.

There is good vapour production for a disposable e-cig.  If you’re trying vaping for the first time then this model is perfect for you.

Why buy the Vype E Cigarette?

As far as disposables go, Vype does really well.  The disposable e-cigs  on the market still aren’t as good as they could be.  Vype however does a really good job.

The best Vype experience does still come from the re-chargable version though.  At £14.99 it represents great value in thi market place.
The owners of Vype; BAT are trying to get a product authorised in Britain by the MHRA.  You can read more about this at MHRA


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