Vapouriz e-cigarettes

Vapouriz e-cigarette review.

vapouriz e-cigarettes

To buy electronic cigarettes from Vapouriz, simply click on the banner now.  Vapourize are a popular, stylish brand with a growing following.  Try them now to switch from tobacco.

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Disposable Vapouriz E-Cigarettes.

Vapouriz e-cigarettes offer something a little different to the others we’ve reviewed on this site in that they are a disposable e-cig.

Disposable e-cigarettes generally aren’t made to last (it’s in the name). Therefore the build quality can be lower than the more expensive re-usable ones, and often the taste is not as good.  Vapouriz however, seem to have got it right.!


Are Disposable E-cigarettes As Good As Rechargeable Ones.?

This product looks good; realistic, hardy, and very cool.  This is totally different product to the rubbish you find on sale in petrol stations and alike.  There is a sleek aluminium casing and the usual LED light that comes on while your vaping.

Battery life is not important with these disposable ones as you’ll run through the cartridge before the battery is up.  This avoids any mishaps of needing a puff but the battery is flat. – if you remember your cigs then your good to go!

The taste is the most important factor in most peoples eyes, and Vapouriz doesn’t disappoint.   The standard  flavour is strong smooth and lasting, and the menthol holds up well too. Other flavours include: tobacco, mint, pineapple, banana, chocolate, coffee menthol, and cherry.

Vapourize Vaping.

The e-liquid lasts all day, which is great news.  However the one tiny fault we found to this package was it didn’t produce as much vapour as the rechargeable ones we’ve tried.  This can lead to a sore throat from ‘over drag’  so just take it easy at first while you get used to them.


How Much Are These E-cigarettes.?

The prices of e-cigarettes don’t vary too much.  Obviously there are many brands such as ROK, intellicig, e-lites and many more, but one thing if for sure, they are always considerably cheaper than buying tobacco.


At £5.95 (plus p&p) it still represents a great saving against tobacco, and is certainly more convenient than rechargeable devices.

How Much Can I Save By Switching From Tobacco?

To find out the great savings that can be made by giving up tobacco and starting to use an electronic cigarette, simply select the “e-cigarette switch and save calculator” from the  menu at the top of this page.


The Vapouriz cig comes with a standard guarantee and are a member of the trade association ECITA.  For this reason combined with our successful trial we’re fully endorsing this brand.

Go to the official site and TRY NOW.

vapouriz e-cigarettes

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