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V2 Cigs

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V2 Review.

A review of V2 cigs give an instantly good impression.

Straight away it’s obvious that v2 Cigs have been careful to get the detail right.  Right from the moment you open the box it’s very impressive.

When you order the V2 Cigs starter kit you get to customize what you want in the package. Below is an example of what you can get and a review of the items.

V2 Cigs Batteries.

The standard sized batteries come in 3 sizes.  These are Standard, Short, and Long. The standard batteries have a good battery life.  This is approximately equal to 8 cigarettes.   After this the ‘blue blink of death’ mode kicks in. It is well worth getting two batteries. The reason for this is because the battery can run out of juice and your left unable to vape.


It’s worth going for the ‘auto’ type switch rather than the ‘manual’.  Auto is more like a real cigarette.  A manual means you have to press a button.  Keep an eye on the shut off after drawing vape from it. If it doesn’t cut off it will continue to heat the atomizer.


V2 Cigs Cartridges.

The cartridges come packed neatly.  The various flavors actually taste just they say. Should you be a smoker that wants to give up then this offers a simple way to try a flavor that you’ve had before.

What is particularly good about these cartridges is that they are reusable.  There’s the option to refill them with your preferred liquid, then when the cartridge starts to get dry simply reuse it. Helpful hint: Don’t wait for it to start burning because it can cause damage the element.

These cartridges last a decent length of time.  V2 Cigs design works by pre-soaking the cartridge and the life is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.(excluding the variables such as battery type , lung capacity, etc.).

V2 Cigs Accessories.

V2 Cigs offer an “ultimate starter kit”.  This gives you a USB charger and an AC adapter with a stylish positioned “v2cigs” logo.

There is a V2 Cigs Power-Cig and this can be connected using a USB to your computer, or alternatively the car adapter that comes with the kit.

It also comes with a metal carry case. The case can hold standard and short sized batteries. If you do have a long simply go XL however you’ll need the portable charging case.

The best bit about the kit is arguably the portable charging kit.  With this you can charge your battery on the go and store four cartridges.  This charging case is a vital purchase and the small case is probably better than the large as it’s more useable and cheaper.

The large version does have a 2300mA/H capacity. By charging overnight with a AC adapter, the indicator will tell you when it’s done.


In summary.

The V2Cigs brand has get the detail just right.  From the well crafted vapor flavor through to the high standard of the batteries. The customer service department are well thought of and generally receive top marks for communication on internet reviews.

The smaller e-cigs don’t quite give the thick vapor.  If you want the stronger version go for the larger battery.

Better than other e-cigs because.

  1. In addition to the vapor, it has a solid feel, but light weight and extremely portable.
  2. V2 Cigs are extremely robust and won’t break or leak in your bag / pocket. This can often happen with larger EGO type vaporizers.

These are particularly suitable for those who want to quit tobacco.  This is simply because it does the best job of coming close a real cigarette.

Pros & cons.

  • A strong deep Vapor.
  • Refillable Cartridges.
  • V2 cigs EX Blanks.
  • A Portable Charging Case.
  • Sturdy design.


  • Pricey up front purchase price ( but still good value).
  • Limited flavors, but in fairness they are regularly adding new ones.

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