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ROK E-Cigarettes Review

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The ROK Electronic Cigarette Review

If you want to read on and find out more about ROK e-cigarettes then scroll down to find out why they’re rated so highly.  ROK are considered to be extremely stylish and fashionable right now, so when you’ve read the review remember use the SAVE10 discount to absolutely maximize the value of your sale. 

Benefit number 1; ROK E-Cig 7 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

ROK electronic cigarettes offer a great money back promise.  If you’re not happy with them for any reason then simply get in contact and you’ll be entitled to a full refund.  To be sure to get this money back guarantee and the exclusive 10% discount, make you use the banner below or at the top of the page.

ROK e-cigarettes

Benefit 2: E-cigarettes with a little extra kick.

The ‘ROK Legend’ is something no one else in the market can offer.  It has an extra deep extra long lasting vape hit and flavour that is something special for those who are looking for this type of thing.

Benefit 3; The New ‘ROK Legend’ Starter Kit With 10% Off

Their new electronic cigarette stands up to anything Greensmoke or E-lite can offer.

It comes stylishly packaged in a beautiful presentation box, suitable for a gift if it’s for someone else.  Inside the box are:

  • • 1 x 900 mah manual batteries each with over a day and a half of life.  These are cased in stainless steel so look both look good and ooze quality, plus have a useful green, amber, red light system to tell you the life status.
  • • One tankomizer with a capacity of 2.4ml.  You’ll need to purchase the of e-liquid of your choice;  You can re-fill these yourself which means your not tied to ROK, you can fill it with any liquid you like.  That said ROK e-cigarettes offer plenty of flavours from different strengths of tobacco flavour, menthol and the new fancy ones too.
  • • A mouthpiece cover; hygienic and discreet – exactly what you’d expect
  • • A black e cigarette case with internal padding;  looks really good, and whatever electronic cigarette you buy we recommend getting one of these to store your e-cigs.
  • • A USB charger.  Obviously an essential to charge your electronic cigarette.  This one is sturdy and robust so meets all you needs.
  • The Legend works with both cartridges and e-liquids, ROK have 30 UK made e liquid flavours in up to 5 strengths

Benefit 4; Save 10% Via This Site

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Benefit 5; A Free Case With Orders Over £99

Once you’ve placed your order, if it comes to over £99 then you will be delivered a free case to store your e-cigarette.  It’s a beautiful stylish steel case that will make you feel like you’re holding real quality.

Check out the case here

Benefit 6; Regular Half Price Sale

ROK regularly bring out new products, flavours and kits.  What this means is they sell of all their old stock at fantastically cheap prices.  Keep an eye on this site for updates of when these special sales come up.


ROK e-cigarette – Is it the best electronic cigarette

It’s a subjective choice, but they certainly are reliable and up in our top 3 with Gamucci e-cigarettes and E-lites e-cigs.  ROk e-cigarettes are popular and a sensible choice when making the switch from tobacco.  Here’s why:

ROk e-cigarettes have 5 different starter kits; great for choice, but makes it a little complicated.   The price of these kits range from £19.99 to £49.99 at the top end of the scale.  As with most things you get what you pay for, and given the savings made switching from tobacco to e-cigs, even spending the little bit extra on the top ranged kit, you’re still quids in.

Cartridges are £1.79 each, and each cartridge is equal to 30 cigarettes.  The wall, usb and car charger will keep the battery going for approx 200 puffs, and of course the helpful user manual comes with all the kits.  Despite being one of the smallest sized batteries on the market, it still has some of the longest running time – a great feature of this brand.

Different flavours of ROK e-cigarette

The vapor volume is also very good, and a great smooth taste comes with it.  If you want to branch out slightly, they have some options that are all compatible with your starter kit.  Lots of people like to try a variety of flavors, here’s what we think about ROK’s choices:

Tobacco – Low

Tobacco – strong

Tobacco – Medium

Menthal – strong

Menthal – medium




Disappointingly the smallest  pack size is 10 cartridges, this is a little higher than the market standard of 5.  However, this is not a massive drawback as most smoker however infrequent will get through 10, and it does save reordering.

Are ROK electronic cigarettes worth trying?

Overall we fully recommend this brand of e-cigarette, and are particularly impressed with the starter kits available.  You should definitely try them, and as there is a 7 day money back guarantee, even if for some reason you think it’s not for you then a simple case of get your money back – it’s difficult to be let down by these guys.


For more information  or to purchase from the official site click the banner below now

ROK e-cigarettes

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