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Review Of OK-cigs Electronic Cigarettes


OK Cigs e-cigarettes are fairly new to the market.  They want you to try them, so they’re offering a fantastic FREE REFILLS WITH EVERY RECHARGEABLE E-CIGARETTE.!  You can take advantage of this superb offer now by clicking on the banner.  This will take you straight to the homepage and your free refills will come with your order.



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Ok Cigs Cigaretes Overview

OK cigs e-cigarettes are fairly new to the market.  They were created after a group of smokers liked the idea of electronic cigarettes but had not yet found a brand where they liked the taste of them.

After a year of trialling, testing and using only the highest quality nicotine, their work paid off. They appeared on our shelves early 2013. Starting off in London only, the demand for their supply soon got too much and within weeks they were stocked in shops around the UK.

The success has been almost exclusively down to word of mouth regarding their incredible smooth taste.  They are little know, spend very little on advertising, but if you’ve tried them you wouldn’t go anywhere else and would definitely be recommending them to others.


Electronic Cigarette Flavours.

OK Cigs e-cigarettes  don’t have endless different flavours and strengths to choose from, just five. But

each one is carefully matched and suited to the most popular brand of cigarettes.

So they are designed in mind for example, a Silk Cut smoker to instantly match

the strength and switch more easily to the electronic version. Currently their ‘Gold’

flavour is proving the most popular all round as a starting point.

This year’s Stoptober – quitting smoking for October – event proved a big success

for OK cigs and they even attended NHS hospital open days to promote their electronic

cigarettes to staff.

A small brand amongst a big selection of other more widely advertised electronic

cigarettes.  OK Cigs owner puts their success down to their realistic feel and taste.

Kishor Patel says.,

“We are overwhelmed with the amazing emails we get every day from people

wanting to tell us they’ve given up smoking thanks to our e-cigs.

It’s so satisfying as we knew they worked for us, but to hear about others managing

to kick the habit just shows that OK are spot on for solving the health problems that

smoking causes.

We haven’t had to rely on advertising either, it’s been mainly down to positive

reviews and smokers spreading the word about how close to the real thing OK are.”

Types Of E-Cigarette Available.

Ok Cigs supply their e-cigarettes available as either disposable or rechargeable. They are gradually becoming on sale in stockists around the UK.  As with most things you get the best offers and the greatest convenience when you order online.  Ok-cigs regularly have offers on all types of e-cigs and refills, and you can order online today.


To take advantage of ok cigs special offers such as free refills or buy one get one free offers.:

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Alternatively you can learn more about the benefits of giving up smoking by visiting quit.org

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