Jupiter E-Cigarette smartphone

By | January 11, 2016

Jupiter E-Cigarette smartphone

Just when you thought smartphones were at the limit of their technology, along comes the Jupiter E-Cigarette smartphone.  Read reviews on any of our traditional regular electronic cigarettes here.

Electronic cigarettes are one of the fastest growing consumer products in the UK right now, they’ve helped thousands quit tobacco and the technology is developing rapidly.

They are easier to use than ever, with rechargeable batteries or disposable, different flavours, and various styles.

Jupiter however have taken that technology a step further and incorporated the electronic cigarette into a smart phone.

Jupiter E-Cigarette smartphone Benefits

It’s the ultimate gadget for those who love technology and love to vape.  Smart phones are getting more and more similar and generic every day, but the Jupiter E-Cigarette smartphone breaks down this stereotype.

Since being revealed, the Jupiter IO 3 is the first of it’s kind and allows you to vape without taking extra electrical gadgets clogging up your pockets.  It’s due for launch any time now in 2016.

Any worries you may have about battery life are quickly eased by the fact that the phone has two betteries; one for the phone and another for vaping

At £205 (and £343 for the 4G model) it’s not cheap, but the creator of the e-cigarette says

“Though the technology has progressed in leaps and bounds since then, the fundamental principle is still the same, a smoke-like vapor that can be inhaled and provides a vehicle for nicotine delivery into the bloodstream via the lungs,”

You can read more in the full article here at the mirror online



Remember the health effects of smoking any electronic cigarette are still not fully known.  Electronic cigarettes are not for non smokers, industry research only really suggests they are suitable for those wishing to give up smoking tobacco where the side effects are confirmed as harmful.