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The Intellicig Electronic Cigarette – Review

Intellicig electronic cigarettes are in all honesty a very disappointing brand – in all honesty they are the worst of all the varieties we tried.  They scored low on price, the cigarette we trialed wasn’t working properly and you had to draw extra hard to vape, and the customer service wasn’t great either.  Unfortunately of all the cigarettes we’ve reviewed this is the first time we are not prepared to offer any kind of endorsement.  If you are still interested in finding out for yourself then there is a link to their site at the bottom of this page.  Alternatively you can try our homepage for our top ten brands.  Here’s a little taster of the ones we do like:


OK cigarettes


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Electronic cigarette

15 Regular Refills

USB charger


Are Electronic Cigarettes Any Good?

When you consider the facts already stated it’s hard to believe that anyone still smokes tobacco.  E-cigarettes have now tar, no tobacco, they are typically 70% cheaper than tobacco (depending on the brand), and they a legal to smoke anywhere.  Obviously they still contain nicotine in the e-liquid that is turned to vapor, but let’s be honest it’s that nicotine rush that we all crave; and it that wasn’t there we’d just be puffing on water!

Not everyone has switched yet, a lot of people are clinging to tobacco.  The truth is though, it is only a matter of time before everyone is using them.  In the same way that some people don’t have a smart phone, and stick to their 1995 Nokia, or people refused to move from VHS to DVD, people are still irrationally using tobacco.  Most people that have tried an e-cig will tell you that you’d be mad not to switch.


The Intellicig Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.

The starter packs costs a very reasonable £29.95. The 3 piece design comes with a Battery, 5 Cartridges, an Atomiser and a USB charger.  This is all packaged in two fold out card cases and within it is the e-cigarette and cartridges.

The single battery reactive well when vaping and we experienced no problems.  The battery life held up below average compared to other brands we tried with above average umber of puffs and casual smoking time

The taste is smooth and realistic.  Because they generate their own liquid in the UK known as ECOpure right here in the UK, they can verify it is produced to strict medical standards.   This  is then tested by a university  also in the UK and they therefore know just what goes into every cartomiser.


Intellicig e-Cigarette Offers.

Offers change from week to week and between brands.  Intellicig usually have some sort of activity going on, and at the moment they are running 10% off your first purchase.

To take advantage of the introductory offer of 10% off

There are 3 flavors:


Rich (a fuller flavor),

and menthol.

Available in all strengths up to 15mg of nicotine.  There are refills available in all these flavors and a pack of 10 is ok value value v’s tobacco.


To buy electronic cigarettes from Intellicig at great prices use the banner below.

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