Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

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Green Smoke are one of the most popular electronic cigarettes brands the world over.  They were founded in the U.S and are the major e-cigarette brand over there since 2008 but now spread through Europe, Asia, and good news for us – the UK.

So what is all the hype with Greensmoke; flavour,  vapour, quality, or is i just good marketing?  We’ve trialed the Green Smoke Pro Kit.  This comes with everything required for a for a full review. 

Review of the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Product Design 

On receipt of the Green Smoke Pro Kit the cool design of the artwork on the packaging is striking.   ON the top of the box is The Green Smoke logo with a subtle background to enhance the design.  The box is sleek with a strong magnetic flap to keep it all in.

Inside the box are three batteries carefully stored, while underneath are two 2 cartomisers and a wall charger, a USB charger, and finally a case to carry and store your product.   This is all so well packaged you can sense the luxary as you carefully take it apart with everything having its own place.

Greensmoke clearly ooze quality in what and how they make their product, so if you want the best click the buy now button below, or read on to find out more about the product…

9.7 Stars (9.7 / 10)

Battery Performance of the Green Smokes Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke uses the KR808D lithium ion polymer battery with a little extra work to improve the king of batteries even further and as a result the battery lasts on average 375 puffs.  This means it lasts about 8 hours for standard vaping, whereas a short battery last about 300 puffs or 6 hours vaping.

As a result of this state of the art battery you get a great vape straight from the off, where other e-cigarettes require several puffs to heat the liquid, the Green Smoke  electronic cigarette works from the very first.

The charging times are equally impressive however the standard technology means that their offering in this department is similar to everything else on the market.  Just 3 hours to completely charge the battery is good on it’s own, but add in the extra battery life and you hardly notice that it needs charging.

9.2 Stars (9.2 / 10)

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Flavours:

In 2011 Green Smoke launched cartomiser technology called FlavorMax to prolong the life and flavour of the cartomiser.

Each cartomisers lasts on average 250-275 puffs which is about the same as 1 1/2 packs of tobacco cigarettes. Tthis is well above the the typical e-cig which is about 175-200 puffs for each cartomiser. 

This all helps to make Green Smoke a market leader in taste offering 6 great flavours:

  • Signature Red
  • Classic
  • Southern Gold
  • Menthol Ice
  • Mocha Mist
  • Smooth Cream 

How do these flavours stack up? They are amazing. We two flavours because this is what comes with the  starter pack and ordered the other 4  as an extra to get the full range tested.  The Signature Red is by far the best; a rich and beautifully aromatic but still close enough to traditional tobacco. The taste lasted until the end of the cartomizer; a unique trait for an electronic cigarette.

Green Smokes Electronic Cigarette Nicotine Strengths

Green Smoke have a variety of nicotine strengths from light for the occasional smoker to the heavy smoker who really wants to feel the draw.  Use the table below to see which one suits you:

  • 2.4%  (24mg)  The strongest nicotine level. For those of you still on tobacco it’s similar to a Malboro Red.
  • 1.8%  (18mg) For the mainstream smoker.
  • 1.2%  (12mg) For tobacco smokers that use something like a Malboro light.
  • 0.6%  (6mg) For very light smokers – Ultra Lights.
  • 0%     (nicotine free!)
9.4 Stars (9.4 / 10)

Green Smokes Electronic Cigarette Prices:

Green Smoke products are made carefully constructed by fine American trained engineers (no in a backstreet factory in China),this has previously make the Green Smokes Electronic Cigarette fairly expensive. Now the company and technology has grown the prices have come down dramatically.  The result is an amazing product at competitive price! See how they have dropped over time…..

Start Kit Options – everything you need for a first time purchase:

  • Pro Kit –  BEST VALUE!  At £49.97 and reduced down from over £60.  It contains 3 batteries, 10 cartomisers, wall charger and a USB charger too.
  • Express Kit – £29.97 reduced down from over £35.  It has 2 batteries, 5 cartomisers, wall charger & USB charger
  • Love Birds Kit Great fr couples.  For £84.97 down from over £100 it contains 6 batteries, 20 cartomisers, 2 wall plus 2 USB chargers

Cartomisers have also dipped in price over the years but without dropping quality.  Prices below:

  • 20 Pack: £159.60 which equates to just £7.98 per pack – 
  • 15 Pack: £125.85 which equates to just £8.39 per pack
  • 10 Pack: £91.90 which equates to just £9.19 per pack
  • 5 Pack: £50 which equates to just £10 per pack
  • 1 Pack: £10.39

Customer Service:

Green Smoke offer the kind of quality customer service that comes with a world leading brand, and this has helped them stand out in a market that has had a bad rep generally in the past.  To the end the Green Smokes Electronic Cigarette comes with a Money Back Guarantee & Warranty.  

Green Smoke offer free phone , e-mail and live chat if you need any feedback or have any questions and all offer a prompt reply to your enquirey from 9AM-9:30PM Monday-Thursday and 8AM-12:30PM Friday. 


Any doubts you may now have about taking the next step and buying a Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette can now be put to one side

You can return your product for ANY REASON , so if you unhappy with the product just send it back and they will refund your money. This applies for any Green Smoke kit.  On top of this you get a 1 year  warranty which covers most everything, the only exceptions not unreasonably being being:

“Modification, alteration, repair or service of this product by any persons or company other than Green Smoke”, “Physical abuse to, or misuse of the product or operation thereof in a manner inconsistent with the use indicated in the instructions”, “Any use of the product other than that for which it was intended”


Delivery of your Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette:

Green Smoke ship their products from the UK so your delivery comes quickly and efficiently.  Typical delivery is between 2 and 5 working days and usually arriving quicker than that.   What ever you buy you can rest assured that shipping is completely free unless you really are in a massive rush, in which case you can  use the special delivery for an just £7.49.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Summary 

Green Smoke is one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market.

The intricate design of the stylish packaging, great flavours, long lasting battery performance, smooth throat hit, first rate customer service, and most notably a competitive price! 

With the 30 day money back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose and will not be disappointed

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