Gamucci e-cigarette review.


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Where can I buy Gamucci Electronic cigarettes?

Gamucci is one of the big electronic cigarette brands.  They are based in London in the UK.  As a well established old brand Gamucci was one of the first e-cig companies in Europe. Gamucci is available in 55 countries, so easy to pick up on holiday.

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What do Gamucci offer.

• A cartridge Life equal to twenty cigarettes.

• A battery Life of over 200 vapes.

• With wall and USB charger Options.

• Money back guarantee for faulty products.

• A range of Starter Kits.: From £9.99 – £39.99.


Gamucci special offer

The Cartridge’s Cost are £2.33 each. Gamucci  offer 3 starter kits.

The Micro Deluxe starter kit is the best available, here are the details.

The kit comes boxed in nice, white cardboard box.  It has the logo branded on the side. The package is a simple design but stylish. Inside is everything you need to begin using e-cigs. The pack includes:

Two Batteries.

Four tobacco cartridges.

A USB  and wall charger.

A carry case with user manual inside.

This Gamucci e-Cig has a nice appearance and is a good choice.

Battery/responsivness. The two re-chargable batteries that come with this kit have different chargers.  You don’t need to worry about batteries as you can charge these PCC anywhere. You can charge even without power source. And now for the batteries. The batteries caryy 240 mAh which is a great improvement on the old model batteries.  These were 180mAh and large.  In fact the battery is equal to over 350 vapes.

Flavour and vapour.

The best E-Cigarette brands offer a range of nicotine strengths and flavours. Gamucci has a good variety of both of these.

Here are the eight flavours and five nicotine strengths.  All are available as Gamucci-refills.

• Regular Tobacco.

• Menthol.

• Fruit, including apple, grape and cherry.

• Coffee.

• Vanilla.


The menthol flavour can be bought in two strengths.  Tobacco comes in five strengths, the rest with 1.6% strength.

With Gamucci Micro Deluxe starter kit you will receive 4 tobacco cartridges with a 1.6% nicotine strength.

The batteries arrive pre-charged so you can vape instantly. All you have to do is put together your cartridge with the battery and away you go. Each cartridge should last for arround 350 vapes which equates to around 2 tobacco cigarette packs.

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This is a major brand which is really focussed on customer service. You can get customer support over the phone or e-mail. Returns/warranty: There is a seven day money back for unopened and unused products. If it’s faulty / damaged then you get a 30 day money back guarantee.   Summary The  Gamucci electronic cigarette is special.  You can get cheaper and possibly some are better.  There is nothing better cheaper . The only one that really compares are e-lites.  However, this is a great starter set.

Order a starter kit from the UK here:

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