Gamucci E-Cigarette & Market Report

By | March 28, 2016

Gamucci E-Cigarette & Market ReportGamucci E-Cigarette

Nasdaq news, the U.S stock exchange report this year features the Gamucci e-cigarette as a strong contender in the future of the electronic cigarette market.  Here is a summary of the global USB Rechargeable E-Cigarette & Vaporizer Device Market during 2016:

The electronic cigarette market will expand to reach more than $16 billion in the next ten years.  That represents double digit CAGR during this period.

The electronic cigarette market has been booing since 2012 , driven by the U.S tobacco player Lorillard abuying out e-cigarette manufacturer Blu Ecigs. The altering dynamics of the market has thus defined of this emerging market.

Other major Tobacco companies took the opportunity to reinvest their ever depleting cash reserves from the dying tobacco marGamucci E-Cigaretteket.  They started aggressively acquiring e-cigarettes brands which as emerging businesses didn’t have the muscle to resist. By re-investing the products became more technologically advanced than ever and the market took off.

This situation was compounded by the irregularity of tax policy and regulation, it enabled the big boys to enter the e-cig market intensify competitiveness in the market .

Gamucci E-Cigarette As A Major Player

The reports cites Gamucci e-cigarettes brand as a prominent player in the key  USB rechargeable e-cigarette type.  It site 4 key factors that will drive the industry further:

  • The consumers perspective for buying e-cigarettes
  • Market breakdown by product types
  • Distribution channels
  • Key geographical locations
  • Consortiums, compliance, and regulatory bodies and their involvement in the e-cigarette industry.

Not surprising the report identifies legal and regulatory as a massive influence on the future of the industry. Government taxes on e-cigarettes are starting to grow and will no doubt reach the level of  tobacco once that market dies out for good.  For now science is supporting the switch so should hold those taxes down while it seeks to eliminate tradition smoking from our culture.

The split between public and private companies is also identified.   The industries growth rate will peak up until 2020 wfter which regulation will dominate.  Revenue will continue to grow thereafter but dominated by emerging markets such as eastern Europe.  In the mainstream USB will start to dominate over disposable e-cigs as consumers understand the product better.

“China is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR to become the second largest revenue generating country by the end of 2025.”

Other major brands/companies identified were:

  • Altria
  • British American Tobacco
  • Japan Tobacco International
  • Logic Technology
  • Gamucci e-cigarette
  • CloudCig
  • NJOY


Notably the likes of Greensmoke and E-lites did not feature by name in this report, highlighting the consumers understaning of the market differing from the macro level talked about here.

Read the full report here

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