EPuffer E-Cig Review

The ePuffer E-Cig Review

EPuffer E-Cig Review

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The ePuffer e-cig Review

The What Does ePuffer Offer?

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ePuffer is, according to their official website, “an award winning global leader in the design, creation and manufacture of electronic cigarettes, focusing first and foremost on your smoking experience.” Receiving rave reviews across the board by many review sites & customers, and offer quite a few cutting-edge E-cig products that e in the vaping scene.

But are they the right retailer for you? Will they have the types of products that you’re looking for?

Here’s what we found out.

To start with, we really have to talk about the website. ePuffer’s website has always been easy to navigate, and a breeze to use. Our research for this review confirmed that, yet again, purchasing ePuffer products is both easy and user friendly, thanks to their quality web-design. Learning about the products is also easy – so two-thumbs-up in that department.


What is their best-value starter kit?

The £19.95 HD3

We did an epuffer-e-cig-review and took a good look at all of the starter kits offered on the ePuffer website. They don’t carry a ton of different options – but they do maintain a decent variety of different types of E-cigs and starter kits to help new vapers who are just getting started.

Truth be told, getting into vaping can be somewhat daunting if you have to piece everything together on your own.

With that being said, the kit that seemed to offer the most value for the money on the ePuffer website was the Phantom HD3 Vapouriser. This starter kit comes with everything you need to get started – and right now ePuffer is even offering a free bottle of E-liquid with it as well, which makes it an even better deal.

This kit ships with the following pieces…
• The PHANTOM HD3 Liquamiser Tank
• A replaceable Atomizer Heating Element
• An 1100mAh Lithium Rechargeable Battery
• A Micro-USB battery charging cable
• An instruction manual
• And 1 10ml bottle of E-liquid

We thought that it provided the most value for the money because it’s not only a 3-way vapourizer, but also because it’s a cool, all-inclusive vape-pen kit that costs only £19.95. You can certainly find vape pens that cost less than this, but when you factor in the quality, you really stand to gain value with the HD3.

To Purchase Phantom HD3 Vapouriser from ePuffer follow these instructions:

Click the button below

From the top drop down menu select vapourisers and then starter kits.

The HD3 is right there at top in 2 different clours

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Which device is the best for experienced users?

ePuffer has the ultimate device for look-a-like e-cigarettes.  If you’re really into dry herb or loose-leaf vapourizing, then you’re definitely going to want to take a look at the ePuffer Cosmos. This E-cig is a bit more expensive (being priced at £149.95), but you also need to take into account that you’re getting an amazing product for the money.

After taking a look at some of the features on this vapourizer, we really felt that the price, while a bit high, was justifiable – and here’s why.

The Cosmos uses Smart OLED digital heat technology to allow the user to perfectly control the temperature of the ceramic heating chamber. If you want a vapourizer that’s going to be great at helping you to control both vapour production and density, then the Cosmos is a pen that you should look at.

Order ePuffer’s Cosmos Dry-herb Vapourizer Here!

EPuffer E-Cig Review Flavour options

ePuffer offers quite a few different flavour options among their E-liquid products. They carry some traditional tobacco flavours, some cigar options, some specialty/fruity-type flavours, and more. They don’t carry quite as many options as some other E-cig sites, but those that they do carry seem to be well-made and highly reviewed.

If you’re looking for something really weird, crazy, or different, they might not quite be the company to go to. But if you’re looking for a great-tasting E-liquid and find yourself partial to some of the more time-tested types of liquids out there, then ePuffer can certainly provide what you need.

EPuffer E-Cig Review Summary

We really felt that ePuffer deserves two thumbs up. They offer some great starter kits, they make vaping affordable, and they’re literally providing a one-stop-shop for vapers of every experience level. For the money and the value, they’re tough to beat.

For that reason, we enthusiastically recommend that you give them a try next time you’re in the market for a new electronic cigarettes, E-liquid, or starter kit.

Where can I buy ePuffer Electronic Cigarettes in the UK?
ePuffer actually maintains a UK site at epuffer.co.uk. That’s the best and easiest way to buy ePuffer products if you live in the UK.

EPuffer E-Cig Review Discount Code

If you use the discount code BECH when you check out, you can actually save an extra 10% off of every order – which is huge! This is especially helpful if you’re planning on re-buying E-liquids, atomizers, or cartridges. This discount code can also make new starter kits cheaper and easier to purchase – which is awesome!

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