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Best electronic cigarettes – elites.

Best product: The e-lite E-pro 4 starter kit.

e-lite e-cigs


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This stylish and popular brand is reminiscent of the old Marlboro tobacco cigarette brand.  The e-cig comes in a slick black box, complete with new portable charging case.  Further delving into the box reveals a USB charging cable, mains adapter. Plus 5 cartomisers, batteries, a portable charging case, and a helpful user guide to set you up.

Overall the package was good; comprehensive user guide and even a battery life indicator on the batteries.  The cigarettes are well assembled, sturdy but very stylish.  At over 10cm it’s slightly longer than some other brands on the market (which is good news as this usually means more battery).

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Great original flavour.

The first ‘drag’ invokes immediate vapor generation.  Then the led lights up in a realistic fashion and indicating the battery in being used.

Disappointingly for some this e-cig doesn’t come in the many wonderful flavours offered by other brands. It does however cover the mainstream standard flavour, light, menthol and nicotine free>  To be honest this is actually all most people are interested in.

The original standard flavor is unrivaled in the market.  It really is the closest thing you’ll find to smoking an actual cigarette but without the tar.  Once you try this one you wont feel the need to go back.

Best value electronic cigarette starter kit.

Offers change from time to time as in all industries.  E-lite regularly run their half price offer on electronic cigarette starter kits, usually from £19.99 down to £9.99.  This represents a great way of getting started as it has everything you need and at a great price.   Keep an eye out for the banners at the top and bottom of this page.  Even if the half price offer isn’t running, we’ll give you the links to the best available deals at the moment.

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This standard strength offering is stylish and functional.  With approx 140 drags (about 1hr of casual vaping), this e-cig will make you drastic savings versus tobacco costs.  It will also give the same satisfaction.  I have several friends who smoke electronic cigarettes. Most of them agree with me that this is definitely the brand to use, great value, readily available and very very realistic.

We are endorsing this completely, and taking all aspects into account give it an overall score of.:

8.5 stars.

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