electronic cigarettes may be made available on the NHS

By | January 6, 2016

electronic cigarettes may be made available on the NHS

Approval has come through from the UK medicines regulator for one type of electronic cigarettes. e-Vokewill eventually be prescribed on the NHS.

According to Public Health England e-cigs are less dangerous than tobacco and can lead to people quiting smoking

The BMI however maintain the harms are not yet proven.

A statement from the Royal College of General Practitioners notes doctors would be reluctant to hand them out to patients without clear merits.

10m people in the UK still smoke tobacco and are trying to quit.  By switching to an e-cigarette now and giving up tobacco may be enough to prove to your GP that it has stopped you smoking and therefore give a case to your GP to prescribe them at a later date.

An NHS study showed that 66% of people trying electronic cigarettes managed to quit tobacco and are now the number one way to quit smoking in Britain.

Action on Smoking and Heath are quoted as saying

“Electronic cigarettes are a much safer alternative source of nicotine for smokers than cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean they are risk-free and we would discourage anyone who’s not a smoker from using them.

“It is good news that an electronic cigarette has received a licence from the medicines regulator, as we know that they have been effective in helping smokers quit, and the cost, as part of a quit attempt, will be far lower than treating the diseases caused by smoking.”

As well as e-cigs, nicotine inhaler are now being developed as an alternative.  These act in a similar way by still giving you the nicotine hit without tobacco.

If you want to read more about this topic then you can read the full article here quit smoking

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