E Lites Best Electronic Cigarette

E Lites Best Electronic Cigarette?

In all honesty e-lites is a good electronic cigarette, but certainly not the best.  There are 2-3 other brands that are better for price, quality and availability.  We recommend Gamucci as the brand that has it all and you can read the full review and get promotional offers for gamucci e-cigarettes here.  If you’ve already made your decision on e-lites then feel free to read on…

If you are ready to give up tobacco now then E lites have a range of starter kits and entry level e-cigarettes to get you started.  If you’re already an e-cig user and looking to change brands then you’re on the right page; The new E-lites curve is not only the most stylish e-cigarette, but also the best value on the market.  Check out the elite curv full review here.

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Best Electronic Cigarette E lites review

Even though E Lites electronic cigarettes are seeing the e-cig market become more and more competitive they are considered one of the best UK e cigarette brand.  E lite electronic cigarettes were one of the first to enter the e-cig market, and this has kept them well ahead of the competition over the years.

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or see the other options:

BrandRatingWhy buy it?Buy Discounted
125x1259.7 Stars (9.7 / 10) Voted best electronic cigarette brand in the UK. We rate it just ahead of E-Lites - pretty flawless!Click here to buy at the best price now
images19.5 Stars (9.5 / 10) The ultimate in style, the one everyone wants, with a great vape, and competitive prices.Click here to buy at the best price now

9.2 Stars (9.2 / 10) Zero nicotine
Competitive price
Simple: fill-charge-smoke.

Click here to buy at the best price now
9.0 Stars (9.0 / 10) Easy to set up and use, good battery lifeClick here to buy at the best price now
8.9 Stars (8.9 / 10) A great smooth flavour, loads of accessories, cheapest on the marketClick here to buy at the best price now
blu cigs8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10) Solid performaer and widely available in the shopsClick here to buy at the best price now

Best Value & Design:

The E-Lites E200 starter kit offers the best value of all the E-lite electronic cigarette products.  At just £39.99 it comes with everything you need to quit tobacco and move to cigarettes, or simply switch you e-cig brand.

The E-lite is the most stylish brand on the market.  It looks and feels like a real cigarettes which gives you that psychological edge that we all crave when we switch.  This combined with its simple design is stylish and a real winner.

Here is what’s on offer and the great value prices of their cartomizers:

Number of cartomizersPrice £Equivelant £ per pack cigarettesBuy now
2 E-Tips£7.99£1.78 Go to elites site
5 E-Tips£19.99£1.78Go to elites site
40 E-Tips£129.99£1.44Go to elites site
100 E-Tips£299.80£1.33Go to elites site

Battery Performance

The G9 diamond core technology in the E Lites E200 kit finally brings to the table a battery that sweeps the leading Greensmoke one aside.  The battery is stylish and in keeping with the whole E-lite branding looks like a real cigarette  And the technology?  After heating up straight away with no waiting, the G9 battery lasted more than 400 puffs or approximately 8.5 hours of normal vaping.

In addition the charging times are also good.  In goes from empty to fully charged in took just less than 3 hours and will last 9 months.

E-lies offer 4 nicotine strengths and a number of flavours; Regular, light, Menthol, and Nicotine Free.  This means there’s something for those who want a strong hit right through to those giving up.

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Codes Description
AFFTWENTY 20% OFF everything OVER £50
AFFTEEN 15% OFF everything (no minimum order)
AFFFREEDEL Free Delivery UK/Ireland (no minimum order)
AFFACCES 20% OFF everything for refills and chargers (no minimum order)

Your Guarantee of Quality

Place an order by 3pm and you can get it sent out by Royal mail either first or second class.  A little tip, unless it’s going to be your last purchase, spend £50 to get the free shipping.  There is a 7 day money back warranty on all your purchases and the e-packs & USB wall chargers have a years warranty, with the batteries getting 6 months.



To our mind, the main selling point of the E-Lite electronic cigarette is that the loo and feel from the stick down to the packet make it look and feel just like a reel cigarette.  Backing this up is a great flavour, industry leading battery quality, and all at very very good value.  Try them now…

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