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e-cigarettedirect are a certified member of the ECITA.

The UK Electronic Cigarette Industry Association , also known as ECITA was set up in mid 2010.  It’s aim was to lift the regulatory mist around the sale of electronic cigarettes in the Britain and Europe.

Research from the organisation regarding legal regulatory requirements for e-cigaretes. The organisation has managed to develop a “Standard of Excellence Programme” or (ISE).  This ISE gives advice to the members of ECITA and help the comply with the law and good business practices.

By using the  ECITA name, consumers are offered reassurance regarding the products sold.  This is because ECITA members comply with the law, are audited regularly, are overseen by Trading Standards.  In fact Trading Standards regards the ISE as “…a Code any industry would be proud to have.”.

Therefore it can be considered that an  ECITA member’s product is of excellent standard.

Here are some testimonies.:

Switching to Electric Cigarette! a smokers tale.: I recently read a story of a tobacco smoker.  He  smoked for 26 years, and despite trying many times he couldn’t and never thought he would kick the horrible habit of smoking that had plagued his life.

Regardless how hard he tried and and how many times he gave it a go; nothing worked.  He tried everything.; willpower, hypnosis, and many other alternatives,  but nothing did it – he couldn’t quit. He tried my luck with nicotine gums.  After that he tried nicotine patches. Theses worked for a while but  uring holidays he couldn’t resist. Like many smokers when boredom, stress or another factor started, he began smoking again.

The truth is for most people it will always come back and bite you.  Once you have the habit, no matter how hard you try, you are never a non smoker but a smoker trying not to start again.

So what finally worked.?

It was dark days, but one day something happened, a request to do a review of electric cigarette.  After some research about electronic cigarettes he purchased his first e-cig start up kit. They weren’t made with harmful chemicals and tobacco and I thought it would be a shot at getting of tobacco.

Smoking is obviously banned  in public.  Thinking that with electronic cigarettes you can still smoke in public even though tobacco cigarettes are banned.  Also smoking leaves that nasty smell.  When you do then meet up with non smokers you can tell they’ve noticed it, it just smell and it sticks to your hair and clothes.

Amazingly, after a few weeks of trying these he went back to tobacco.  He was repulsed.  The taste and feel was horrible, and that’s what everyone around him will have been thinking – he just didn’t know it.

Save money with electronic cigarettes.

The money saving benefit is a massive factor too.  They are so much cheaper than regular tobacco cigarettes that you just wont believe it.  It took just a few months and he’d totally quit smoking – so a genuine thankyou to the person that invented the e-cigarette.!

So there you have it, the e-cigarette really works, but the question now is.:

Which is the best Electronic Cigarette on the market.?

There are many things to think about, but here is the summary.:

1. Be sure to buy from  a reputable companies, never look  get from the cheap alternatives.

2. Bad breath and stained teeth are a major downside of tobacco.  Most e-cigarettes don’t have this problem, be sure that the e-cigarette you buy can meet this criteria.

Bad Breath & Teeth Staining.: Switching to e-cigarettes will help you to avoid yellow teeth staining and bad breath problems. Make sure that the particular e-cig company’s product you are buying claims these factors for sure.

Bargain basement e-cigs companies always compromise quality, especially in the aluminum shell, cartridges and ash light.  Stick to the ones we recommend on this site and you’ll be keeping it safe.

There are literally hundred of brands on the market, this is way more than is needed and over time many will dwindle.  That is why you need to pick a brand that you will stick with and wont go out of business.  This site is packed with the solid market leaders, that don’t compromise quality, but still offer excellent value for money.

I’ve taken the time to review each e-cigarette before I write about it on here. This means you can rest in the knowledge when you make the transaction from tobacco to e-cigs, then you will be making the right decision.

I’ve reviewed many cigarettes on the site and the ones on here are all very good, but the best by a whisker are from e-cigarettesdirect.


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