Buy VIP Electronic Cigarettes

Buy VIP Electronic Cigarettes

Buy VIP Electronic CigarettesLook at our best electronic cigarette page and you’ll see we’ve rate this ‘best for quality and style’.  Buy VIP electronic cigarettes and you’ll see they ooze class and style.  This is the e-cigarette to be seen smoking.

Where many other brands have tried to create an e-cig that looks different and unique, VIP electronic cigarettes keep it simple and just model their design on a standard cig.

Straight from the box this cigarette is ready charged. I will launch straight in with the only negative thing about this brand – the battery life in the starter kit is a little shorter than some others.  Having said that it’s easily remedied.  Just do what you probably would with any other make, just get a spare battery.

Obviously the starter kit is only to introduce you to the product anyway. Buy any other battery from VIP electronic cigarettes and you’ll get the same performance you do anywhere else.

Vapour and flavour

The ultimate test o any e-cig is flavour. You’ll also want a good volume of vapour. These are always a question of personal taste . But here’s what we think.

VIP has a smooth and lasting taste and vape. It hits the throat perfectly and is long lasting.

Impressively the VIP electronic cigarette is capable of producing clouds of vapour.   This adds to the highly realistic feel about it.   The cartomiser is equivalent to between 25 an 40 cigarettes depending on how deep you vape..


VIP electronic cigarettes can be returned for a refund if returned within fourteen days without being used and in its original pack.

Discount Codes

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We fully recommend to buy VIP Electronic Cigarettes.  To us VIP electronic cigarettes are one of the best e-cigarettes available on the net.  They are not necessarily the cheapest, they are however great value and impeccable quality.

The VIP kits are very good value, well beyond the price you are paying.

So whether you are new to vaping just looking for something more fro your vaping experience, VIP is for you. If you are switching brands it will be the last time you do, these are the best.

Buy VIP Electronic Cigarettes

To read general research on electronic cigarettes is available at APHA

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