Buy ePuffer eCigs

Buy ePuffer eCigs

ePuffer eCigs

ePuffer eCigs – E-cigarettes that feel like a real cigarette.

If you want to smoke or ‘vape’ an electronic cigarette that feels like a real cigarette then without a doubt ePuffer eCigs are the brand for you.

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If you are new to e-cigs then without a doubt you will need a starter kit, and ePuffer have a great variety for everyone.

Which is the best starter kit for beginners?

One thing that ePuffer is pretty well-known for in vaping circles is their Magnum Snaps collection of E-cigs. These are basically cig-a-likes that do a pretty awesome job of emulating the real thing – and ePuffer offers several different starter kits featuring these devices.

They’re great for beginners because they’re simple to use, realistic, and inexpensive.

Here’s what you get with the Magnum Snaps Ecigarette Kit…
• 2 High Capacity Lithium Rechargeable Batteries
• 5 Flavour Cartridges
• A Universal AC2USB Adapter
• A USB charger
• An instruction manual

You really get everything you need to get started with this kit for only £29.95 – which is a super-good deal. You get two batteries, so you can always have one on-hand while you’re charging the other. If you vape very much at all, that will save you a lot of hassle – as these smaller E-cig mini batteries don’t tend to last a super-long time.

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Not everyone wants this convenient ‘mock’ cigarette style, if that’s you then you can consider the ePuffer vaporizer.  To view a range of starter kits in the vaporizer range then go to our ePuffer vapourizer page.

If you’re not sure what a vapourizer is the watch the video below to get a sample of what it’s all about..

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