Buy E Cigarettes Online

Buy E Cigarettes Online

If you want the best you can buy e cigarettes online right here on this page.  You will find all the best brands, each of which has been individually tested and scored.  In addition to our products ranked by price and quality, where ever available there is an individual discount code that allows you to buy them at an exclusive price!

Our best 2 electronic cigarettes

Of all the electronic cigarettes on the market, if you want to buy e cigarettes online then you don’t need to look any further than these two.  They cover all aspects of ‘real feel’ and ‘contemporary’ style cigarettes.  They have the best battery life and are top reliable brands.  Read on…

1.  The e-lite Curv
Buy E Cigarettes Online

E-lite Curv  
Look and feel9.8 Stars (9.8 / 10)The absolute pinnacle of style. This is a must have if you want the very best.
Battery life9.8 Stars (9.8 / 10)New technology makes this the quickest charging and longest lasting we've tried.
Price7 Stars (7 / 10) Admitidly the prices aren't the cheapest on the market but are worth every penny. Plus if you use our exclusive discount codes you will get a great deal
Flavour and variety8 Stars (8 / 10) Just a few flavours, but smooth and satisfying
Overall score9.2 Stars (9.2 / 10)Buy the e-lite Curv now!

Buy E Cigarettes Online – e-lite Curv review.

As you can see, the E-lite curve is the ‘elite’ cigarette.  It’s new, modern, vibrant, and stylish.  The Curv is soft to hold and feels really really special.  It’s not the cheapest on the market, but it certainly isn’t too expensive, and actually represents good value for money.  The even better news is you can get huge discounts using the codes below when you checkout.  To start smoking now you need the Curv kit for just £14.99.  It has just enough to get you started but there is an option to upgrade to a more comprehensive kit if you want.

The ultimate way to experience the CURV difference with a distinctive oval shape, Swiss Made E-Liquid, and simple one-click charging. Setting you up for a great tasting vaping experience.

2.  Gamucci


Look and feel9.3 Stars (9.3 / 10)Feels very sosphistcated
Battery life9.0 Stars (9.0 / 10)One of the best on the market
Price7.3 Stars (7.3 / 10) Cheaper than you'd expect
Flavour and variety8.2 Stars (8.2 / 10) Plenty of variety in flavour and strength
Overall score8.7 Stars (8.7 / 10)BUY GAMUCCI E_CIGARETTES NOW

Gamucci is a classic brand that oozes style.  The design is based on the realistic look and feel of traditional cigarettes.  The e-cigarette itself tastes really good, there is a long lasting battery and you can get refills on the high-street when you’re ready to top up.

Your best bet if you are ready to switch to e-cigs or try this new brand is to go for the deluxe starter kit. 

If you’re struggling to decide, try these videos to get a feel of each…

Remember, e-cigarettes are a great way to give up tobacco. If you need more help with addiction then try this site. give up smoking