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Do you want to buy Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes now?  If so you can do it by hitting the banner on the right hand side of the page now.  That click will take you direct to the official site and allow you to access Blu Cigs at the most competitive  prices on the internet.

If you’ve never come across Blu Cigs they are a US company that were fortunate enough to be bought out early on as the big tobacco companies entered the market.   As they entered the UK they did it via Skycigs, the brand was taken over and they eased in their own technology.  The good news for old Skycig customers is that the products are cross compatible.

For the purpose of this review and those who want to buy Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes now, we have reviewed the Premium kit.  The starter kit retails at £29.99 so is extremely competitive in the e-cig starter kit market. 

Blu Cigs is a long standing player in the electronic cigarette market.  On the scene since 2008 it was one of the early manufacturers in this industry.

This reputation in the industry means the product deserves a fair review to see if it stands up to it’s reputation. The company themselves are huge and have bucket since Lorillard, the founder of Newport tobacco cigarette, bought them out in 2012 and since then Imperial Tobacco have now invested.

The marketing budget for a company this size is large to say the least, so we’re expecting great things on the branding and style.  So moving on to the Blu Cigs rechargeable electronic cigarette starter kit review, let’s see what you get..

The Blu Cig Premium Kit comes complete with:

  • 2 x Rechargeable batteries
  • PCC
  • 3 x Cartomiser Refills
  • USB Charger

The cigarette is small and light and so has a lovely feel about it – I personally hate those great big ones – I like them to feel like a cigarette; and this certainly does.

What’s the battery like?

It comes with two mini e cigarette.  These are for making the switch to e cigs but not necessarily for their long life. 

Most brands from Green Smoke and E-Lites to Jacvapour have varying batteries sizes,  Blu Cig on the other hand only offer one.  Regardless, it kept going for one and a half hours of vaping which when you think about it should be more than enough.  If you vape 6 times a day for 5 minutes a time that’s still 3 days before you have to recharge! 

Fortunately it comes with a portable charging case (known as a PCC ).   This is both a great little case to hold your Blu cig but also your cartomizer and battery.  In addition you can use it to charge your battery on the go!  The quality of the PCC iis really good, it’s protected by a rubber case and beautifully slimline.  You can get an extra or replacement battery for a very reasonable£6.99 – so a great deal there too.

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How‘s the Vape, and What’s the Vape Like?

There are two great flavours in the premium Kit; Tobacco and Menthol.  Blu Cigs resisted the fad of endless weird and wonderful flavours and gone for the traditional.  Ultimately people want an e-cig to replace their cigarette so tobacco and menthol really are the only flavours you need! and all with a nicotine strength of 18mg.

Blu e Cigs are trying to tap into those who are new buyers in the electronic cigarette market, this why they are keeping it simple and this seems to be working.   The Menthol flavour has an icy throat hit that flows right to the back and the lingering aftertaste is fresh and minty.  It is every bit as good as anything E-lites or Green Smoke can offer, plus the volume of vapour is plentiful.

The kit comes with 3 refills as standard, you can top up with packs of three for £5.99 when you buy 5 packs. Plus if you are a SkyCig customer then all your kit such as cartomizers is compatible when you buy Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes.

In summary, the Menthol is the best on the market, and the tobacco flavour is very good too.

The Blu Guarantee

If in the first 30 days you are not happy with the product in any way you can RETURN THE KIT NO QUESTIONS ASKED  even if you have used the kit.   Always read the full T&C’s to see the re-stocking fee if applicable.

Customer Service

Exactly what you would expect; a free phone number, email plus live chat.  All well manned and helpful and available using the website.


Buy Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes, watch the video to see the starter kit in action:


More About Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette  History

Before you buy Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes, you may wish to know a little more about them.  

Blu cigs run a number of high profile ad campaigns including ones with with actor Stephen Dorff.  they are currently running commercials for their ‘tank system’.   If you want to buy Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes in the retail sector then you will find them everywhere.  The best prices are all online but if you need a top of of cartomizers or a new battery then you’ll never be caught short with their high retail presence.

With their financial muscle and constant re-investment in the e-cigarette product, the quality improves constantly every year.

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