Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit; Who sells it?

Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

The best way to start using e-cigarettes is by buying an electronic cigarette starter kit.  But Who Sells The Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?

Right now we’re recommending OK-Cigarettes as you’ll get 15% off this month when you checkout using promotion code APR16.  On top of that they are already one of the cheapest on the market, retailing up to 30% cheaper than some other brands such as the pricey Greensmoke.

What Do The Best Electronic Starter Kits Contain?

If you’re buying Ok cigs starter kits you want one of the following.  The EVOD gives you everything you need, but if you want to spend a little less then try the INNOKIN option; it’s just enough to get you started and you can top up with extras later

OK Double EVOD Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit + 2 Bottles of Eliquid

Price: £39.95 Inc VAT

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Starter kit includes:

2 x EVOD clearomizers
2 x 650mAh EVOD batteries
5 x 2.2ohm heating coils
USB Charger


The OK-cigs Double EVOD ecigarette starter kit has everything for an experienced vaper or anyone new to e-cigarettes. The kit contains everything to vape on the move, at work or at home.

INNOKIN Endura T18 Kit

Our Price: £29.98 Inc VAT
Don’t forget to use APR16
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The kit consists of :
Endura 14W, 5.5V battery,
Prism T18 Tank with 1.5 Ohm coil in place,
1.5 Ohm Replacement Coil,
Micro USB cord
Vape Stand

 Click to go to the ok-cigarettes website now!

Select “starter kits” from the drop down menu

Remember to use the discount code APR16

E-Lite’s Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

If you are going to go for an E-Lite e-cigarette then go straight to the ‘Curv’.  This is their latest design and is sleek and stylish, and great value at the moment.  To get a starter kit from E-lite use the banner on the right and use one of the great exclusive codes below when you check out.

What you need from one of their starter kits are as follows:

CURV Full Kit

The best experience is without a doubt the CURV. It has a unique oval shape, E-Liquid crafted in Switzerland, and one click charging after which you’re ready to go.

The Full Kit includes:

  •  USB charger which will charge your e-cig in 2.5 hours. You don’t need to take the CURV apart like many other electronic cigarettes, you can simply slot it into the charger.  In addition you can do a partial charge without affecting the battery life..
  • 2 refills containing E-Liquid; Regular (2.4% per ml), Light (1.6% per ml) or Menthol (1.6% per ml), whichever you prefer.
  • 1 x Rechargeable battery

A snip at just £14.99!

 Go to the E-lite website now!

Plus, use  the following codes to receive a discount

15% off all orders with code: AFFTEEN

 20% off across all products over £50 with code: AFFTWENTY

Our Final Favourite is:

Gamucci’s Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Gamucci are our third recommendation for the title of best electronic starter kit.   The Gamucci Vitesse is their flagship product and has is a revolutionary electronic cigarette.  It has been optimised for ultimate performance in the market place and is now a front runner in electronic cigarette technology.

There are lots of great Gamucci Ultra Premium E-Liquid’s available to go with the Gamucci Vitesse, but with the starter kit you get:• One Gamucci Vitesse Rechargeable E-Cigarette Battery
• A 10ml bottle of Original Gamucci Ultra Premium E-Liquid
• Gamucci Clearomizer (VaporCoil + MidRing)
• USB Charger
• Spare VaporCoilThat’s everything you need for just £19.99 – click here to go the Gamucci site and buy now.  Get a flavour of our 3 recommended brands by watch these videos now:

OK Cigarettes


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