The Best E-cigarette

Which Is The Best E-Cigarette.


A question that gets asked regularly is which is the best e-cigarette?

The answer is obviously slightly different for everyone depending on what they’re looking for. We’ve broken it down into 4 categories and have a winner for each:

The best e-cigarette for light to medium users.

The best e-cigarette for medium to heavy users.

The best e-cigarette for price / value.

The best e-cigarette for style and status.

And here are the results.

The Best E-Cigarette For Light To Medium Users.

For the light to medium user you mainly want convenience.  Also known as the social smoker, cigarettes are not always on your mind.  You don’t need anything too strong as your not feeding a habit.  You just enjoy a smoke with a drink or when catching up with some friends.

You don’t mind spending a little extra to get a really nice taste as you don’t smoke 20 a day so the cost isn’t huge.

If this describes you as a smoker then there is one particular brand for you.

The clear winner in this category is.

The V2 e-cigarette.  This is stylish and easy to use.  It has a smooth subtle flavour perfect for the casual smoker.  We recommend the V2 starter kit.

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Best E-Cigarette For Medium To Heavy Users.


The OK-cigs electronic cigarette.

Even the disposable version is unusually good even for more regular smokers.  There rechargeable version if you prefer.  Good battery, nice flavour – easy to use and looks good.  We recommend the OK-cigs starter kit to get you going.

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Best E-Cigarette For Price and Value.


The ROK electronic cigarette.

I’m sure someone will tell me that they’ve seen cheaper ones somewhere else.  That may be true, but when we say cheapest we expect a basic level of quality.  If you want rubbish that fall apart when you pick it up or tastes of nothing then keep searching.  You might even save yourself a few pence.  But if you want a decent quality at a great low price, then it’s ROK e-cigarette all the way.  We recommend the ROK starter kit to get you going.


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Best E-Cigarette For Quality, Style, and Status.


Gamucci electronic cigarette.

This is what we think is the ultimate e-cigarette for style and quality.  It’s a little more expensive than some others, but worth every penny.  The great news is that the re-fills ar competitively priced so it hardly makes any difference in the long run.  We recommend the Gamucci starter kit to get you going.
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