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Apollo E-Cig.

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DON’T BE CONFUSED BY THE AMERICAN FLAG ON THIS SITE.  When you first go to the Apollo e-cig site it may seem confusing as there is a U.S flag at the top and a basket with a dollar sign.  You can just IGNORE THIS.  As soon as you click on any products you will see the prices in £’s and as you add to the basket it will all be in pounds.

Once you get over this, the Apollo e-cig is definitely one worth exploring.

Before you read on for the full Apollo e-cig review, here are a few questions answered:.

Where Can I Buy Apollo Electronic Cigarettes.

The best place to buy an Apollo e-cig is online using this special link.  It will take you to the site giving you all the best prices automatically.

  Free E-Cig!

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About The Apollo E-Cig.

apollo e-cig

The Apollo e-cig offers a variety of vaping products.  These are suitable for everyone from e-cig first timers.  Also advanced vapers will find them ideal. Because of this wide variety Apollo is one of the best e-cigarette brands available.

Starter Kit Selection and Prices

buy apollo electronic cigarettes

The Apollo e-cig comes in 5 different starter kits. These range from suitable for new smokers to vaping pros.

Read the comparison below of the Apollo’s e-cig most popular starter kits.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

If you want an electronic cigarette without a starter kit, try an Apollo e-cig disposable.  They come in Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry, and Vanilla. Plus 4 nicotine levels.

Disposable Electronic Cigarette: £8.95

Price and Ratings.

We get our ratings from a combination of experience other reviews on the web.

The score is based on.:

  • Design and presentation / packaging.
  • Price.
  • Customer Service.

Apollo has:

5 great starter kits.

Over 25 great e-Liquid flavors.

Five flavours.


A disposable e-cigar.

2 lengths of e-cig batteries

A USB charger, wall adapter, car charger.

2 portable charger cases in black or white.

Jewel cases, and five colours of leather cases.

Score: 10/10.

apollo e-cigarette charger


Apollo e-cig offers start at £44.95. The others range from £69.95 to £119.95. This is good value considering everything that is included. You can get cheaper starter kits, but they tend to be of a minimum and not great quality. Apollo’s e-cig kits are value for the money you pay.

Score: 9/10.

e-cigarette apollo starter kit


Design and Packaging.

The Apollo e-cig is sleek. The starter kits arrive in a slick magnetically sealing box. The Portable Charger Case has a futuristic design. Overall it really is a neat gadget. The overall design is always considered important, but it says’cool’ to me.

Score: 10/10.


The Customer Service Levels.

They are friendly and helpful. Everyone i’ve talked to was professional. It would be hard to deduct any points in this section.

Score: 10/10.


Overall a great electronic cigarette at great value.


Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

For more information on e-cigarettes, try this BBC link.  BBC/e-cigarettes.


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