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Are you looking to buy electronic cigarettes online? Here is our table of the best e-cigarettes you can buy.  We’ve reviewed lots of brands and considered taste, smell, flavours, price, ease of use, availability, style, and many other factors to give an overall rating.

You can pick one from the table and buy now, or read a review of a particular brand from the list at the top of this page. Don’t forget to click our Facebook like box if you’re happy with our reviews!

Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes.

BrandRatingWhy buy it?Buy Discounted
125x1259.7 Stars (9.7 / 10) Voted best electronic cigarette brand in the UK. We rate it just ahead of E-Lites - pretty flawless!Click here to buy at the best price now
images19.5 Stars (9.5 / 10) The ultimate in style, the one everyone wants, with a great vape, and competitive prices.Click here to buy at the best price now

9.2 Stars (9.2 / 10) Zero nicotine
Competitive price
Simple: fill-charge-smoke.

Click here to buy at the best price now
9.0 Stars (9.0 / 10) Easy to set up and use, good battery lifeClick here to buy at the best price now
8.9 Stars (8.9 / 10) A great smooth flavour, loads of accessories, cheapest on the marketClick here to buy at the best price now
blu cigs8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10) Solid performaer and widely available in the shopsClick here to buy at the best price now

What are e-cigarettes?

Where to buy electronic cigarettes onlineSimply, they are a very small electronic device that looks like a cigarette. There is a tiny rechargeable battery inside to power it.

You fill the inside with an e-liquid, the cigarette then turns this into vapor when you drag or ‘vape’ on it. The liquids have the same sensation as smoking and contain nicotine to give you that hit. The difference is that it’s essentially water vapor. This means you don’t get any tar, so it’s much better for your lungs.

example shown, the e-lite electronic cigarette

Where can I buy electronic cigarettes?

If you want to buy electronic cigarettes then the internet is the best place to get started. You get all the best promotions and offers which you’ll never find in the shops. We only recommend brands that have refills available to buy at retail outlets, so it’s easy for you to re-stock. This site is the ideal place to buy electronic cigarettes.  Use this link to go to our page listing all the best current internet promotions for e-cigarettes, and you can get everything from free delivery to 20% off all orders.  You will also see our offer of the month on the right hand side of the page, we get a new and exclusive deal for our customers every month so keep an eye on it!

Are electronic cigarettes good for me?

E-cigarettes don’t contain tar like tobacco does, so by switching to an e-cig you will be cutting that out straight away. Some do contain nicotine the same as regular cigarettes, so remember the most healthy option is to quit smoking completely. We don’t recommend anyone takes up using e-cigarettes unless you already smoke tobacco and want to use it as a way to quit. There is new research coming out all the time, which you should always take note of. Updates can be found on this site, or you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Can E-Cigs Help You Quit Smoking Completely?

E-cigarettes are a great way to help you on your way to quitting for good. They give you the feeling of still smoking, but offer a chance of a healthier life by giving up completely. Choose a brand from above and try an e-cig now to take the first steps to quitting. Use a button or banner on this page to buy electronic cigarettes.

Get started with an e-cigarette starter kit now at either Gamucci or with the E-lite  Curv.

buy electronic cigarettes

buy electronic cigarettes

E-cigarettes are not for under 18’s

You are not allowed to buy electronic cigarettes if you are under the age of 18. When you click on one of our links, most sites will ask you if you are 18. You must not lie – it is breaking the law. We do not recommend that you buy electronic cigarettes if you are currently a non smoker.

Although they are considered a healthier option to tobacco, they still contain nicotine and we do not recommend you use them if you are not already a smoker. Remember, many people are trying to quit smoking and to buy electronic cigarettes is an aid to do that.


Hopefully we’ve given you a balanced view on this page. We’d all like to quit smoking, be healthier and live longer, and e-cigarettes are a great way to start that journey.  So read the reviews or just jump in and click a link. This will take you to a promotional page where you can buy cheap electronic cigarettes at discount prices. Try it now and smoke guilt free!!

If you need any extra help to quit smoking try NHS Direct smokefreeok electronic cigarettes

E-cigarette Video News

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

The general consensus it that electronic cigarettes are less harmful then tobacco.  Medical science proves that the smoke from tobacco is strongly linked to lung cancer, heart disease and many other killers.   The side effects of electronic cigarettes aren’t completely know yet, but it’s a fact that they do not contain smoke.

It is really important that you buy from a reputable brand.  We recommend e-lites as the biggest and most trusted company on the internet.  Below is a little BBC news snippet as to why it’s why you should buy a reputable brand to get peace of mind.

So if you want to get a feel for what an e-cigarette is like to smoke or ‘vape’ then have a look at this video of Gamucci e-cigs as it gives you a flavour of what it’s like:

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